Experts in the legal, logistical, and administrative aspects of prize promotions

Sweepstakes – Games – Contests – Consumer Loyalty Programs – Programmed Learning – Trade Incentives

Across all platforms

Broadcast Media – Internet – Social Media – Mobile – In-Store – Direct Mail

And across a wide variety of industries, including:

Cable & Satellite Television – Retail & Specialty Stores – Telecommunications – Arts & Education – E-Commerce & Internet Providers – Restaurant & Grocery Chains – Alcohol Beverage Manufacturers – Travel & Recreation Providers

We CREATE trusted partnerships with our clients and collaborate with marketing professionals.

We CONSULT up front to help answer the tough questions. Will it work? Is it legal? What response can we expect? How much will it cost? What's the best way to reach our goals?

“As an agency client of PMI, we have a unique partnership. We’ve found it works best to bring Jim and his team in early in the process, as we work with our clients on strategy and concepts. That way, we can be sure the “Great Idea” is legally compliant and meets all the required guidelines. Jim is easy to work with and excellent at keeping our clients out of trouble.”
Marc Weilheimer, Gold N Fish Marketing

We PROVIDE front-end development including legal consultation, official rules and disclosures, advertising review and compliance, state registrations, and prize recommendations.

We ACT as an "independent judging organization." We conduct random drawings, judge skill contests, and provide winner clearances.

We FULFILL travel, merchandise, and online prizes and awards, and provide follow-up customer service and IRS reporting.

We GUARANTEE our work will be accurate, on time, and on budget.